Tyreek Hill: Chase Claypool is like a ‘vending machine’

Apparently, it’s a good idea to compare it to a giant box that dispenses salty snacks and candy.

Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill used that comparison when discussing new teammate Chase Claypool, who was traded last week by the Bears to Miami.

“He’s a big guy,” Hill told reporters. “The crazy thing is he looks like a vending machine when he runs. So fast, so smooth in his routes. He’s definitely going to be a big addition to this team, whether it’s blocking, receiving the ball, or whatever this team needs him to do. I’m “Very happy to have him here. I feel with the group we have, everyone is competitive, everyone wants to get better every day. This will help him get better. It’s all about challenging each other. At the same time, I tell these guys: ‘You’re making my job easy.’ “I’m excited to have him.”

Hill believes the offense helps a new player come in and find a niche.

“Yes, absolutely,” Hill said. “We’ve definitely got the team for it. Obviously everyone is fighting to get reps, but at the same time the mentality is about winning, the mentality is about the team. I think that’s what a coach is.” [McDaniel] was aiming for. I feel like Chase Claypool gets a bad rap because he may not have been a teammate, but from what I’ve seen, he’s been a teammate so far. He even offered to wash my car, how about that?

There has been some speculation that Claypool He could line up at tight end. Wherever he is, his presence – if he plays as he did earlier in his career – could give another boost to an already loaded attack.

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