Two powerful earthquakes struck southern Turkey in the evening

Earth shook again on Monday in Turkey. Two earthquakes of magnitude 6.4 and 5.8 Evening shook the already devastated province From HadeOn the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Officials warned of the risk of drowning and urged people to stay away from the coast immediately. A particularly noticeable tremor was felt Antioch, Domestically, it causes panic.

The new tremors come as Turkey continues to count its dead, as does northern Syria Two weeks after the devastating earthquake.

The balance sheet shows that it is still provisional 41,000 people diedthan 118,000 buildings were destroyed or damaged In the eleven southern provinces of Turkey. The hope of finding survivors is almost nil.

According to Afad, Over 6,000 copies A magnitude 7.8 earthquake was reported on February 6.

Turkey earthquake: Erdogan vows to rebuild 200,000 homes

Although Turkey has never stopped counting the dead – more than 44,000 – since the devastating February 6 earthquake, the Turkish president on Monday promised a vast reconstruction program in the devastated areas.

Faced with the anger and grief of survivors, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Monday that he would build 200,000 houses in eleven Turkish provinces affected by the earthquake. Also, this time around, construction standards tend to be more stringent.

“No building should rise above three or four stories”, President Erdo─čan said from Hatay (southern) province, which was hit hard by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake.

“All buildings shall be rebuilt from scratch (…) on solid foundations and in accordance with good practices”The Head of State emphasized, noting that the construction of these hostels would begin in March.

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The President has promised that the first transfers will take place “Within a year”.

130,000 houses will be built in Hatai, Kahramanmaras and Malatya provinces which were hit the hardest by the earthquake.

Erdogan also said that mosques and other places of worship will also be rebuilt.

The President pointed out more than 114,800 people were rescued from the rubbleHe said that public banks will waive off the loans of those who died in the earthquake.

In total, “Shelter needs of 1.69 million people met”The Turkish president pointed out that some added 375,000 victims were evacuated From the affected provinces to other cities in the country, three-quarters are by air.

As for rescue operations, they are being phased out. The search for bodies is now continuing only in the two worst-hit areas, Hatai and Kahramanmaras.

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