Two dead children in Gaza are “dolls” people are led to believe? Why are these allegations false?

On March 3, a video of a Palestinian mother holding her two dead children after an Israeli attack went viral. Some accounts say it was staged and that the two children were puppets. However, the two young victims were very real: AP and Reuters news agencies provided details of their identities, and forensic doctors interviewed by our editorial team confirmed that they were indeed human bodies.

Check in brief:

  • On March 3, a video of a Palestinian woman carrying her two children, who were killed in an Israeli attack, went viral on social media.

  • Several pro-Israeli accounts on X and Facebook have claimed that the dead children in the video are puppets and that the video is staged.

  • AP and Reuters news agencies were on site. They provided information on the two dead children, five-month-olds Naeem and Wissam Abu Ansa.

  • Two forensic doctors interviewed by the France 24 Observers editorial team confirmed that they were indeed child bodies.

Check details:

On March 3, X and several accounts on Facebook condemned the alleged staging of two dead children in Gaza.

“Bollywood Pictures presents a new short film,” says the Facebook account, which regularly posts pro-Israel messages in English. The video shows a tearful Palestinian woman holding two dead children.

Actually, these videos show two dead babies, not dolls.

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