Trump news: State Department ‘has no words’ after ex-president praised Putin’s attack on Ukraine

Ad trolling Trump about Jan 6 commission developments

As Vladimir Putin attacks Ukraine with ground forces and air strikes, a foreign ministry spokesman said he had “no words” in response to Donald Trump’s praise of the Russian autocrat.

Twice in two days, the former president praised Putin as “smart” and blamed Joe Biden for what is happening.

“he is [Mr Putin] Speaking to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Mr. Trump said: “As an American, I’m angry about it and I’m sad about it. It all happened because of a rigged election.”

In another Wednesday night video circulating on social media, Mr. Trump can be heard saying: “Trump said Putin is smart. He took over a country for $2 in sanctions. I would say that is very smart.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump praised Mr. Putin as “smart” and called his move toward Ukraine “genius.”


CPAC President: The conference will go ahead as planned

Matt Schlapp, president of the American Federation of Conservatives, says the annual CPAC conference starting in Florida today will move forward without changing its agenda despite the Russian attack on Ukraine.

As Andrew Feinberg of Orlando says:

[Mr Schlapp] He said the group’s annual conference programming, which is being organized around the theme “Wake Up Don’t Wake Up”, already has a strong foreign policy focus, with a number of “very high profile” speakers such as former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, former US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, Former Foreign Minister Mike Pompeoand other former Trump administration officials.

“This does not include the elected officials who are here,” he said, adding later that he expected “each” of panels featuring Trump’s former national security officials to address “what’s going on with Putin and Ukraine.”


Biden talks about Ukraine

The White House confirmed that Joe Biden will address the nation on Ukraine in just two hours.

Andrew NottiFeb 24 2022 15:13


Biden talks about Ukraine

The White House confirmed that Joe Biden will address the nation on Ukraine in just two hours.

Andrew NottiFeb 24 2022 15:13


ICYMI: Ivanka Trump speaks to the January 6 committee

Reports say that instead of outright refusing to cooperate as some of her father’s allies did, Ivanka Trump is working with the select committee investigating the January 6 attack. Depending on what information she chooses to share and under what circumstances, sharing it would be a major hack for the committee as many of Trump’s allies are essentially trying to freeze it.

Andrew NottiFeb 24 2022 14:35


Analyst: GOP reaction to Ukraine invasion has roots in 2016

As much of the pro-Trump right either downplays or almost approves of the Ukrainian invasion, journalist and historian Garrett M. Graf wrote that the Republican Party’s reorganization away from orthodox American internationalism began several years ago…

Here’s an in-depth look for the Associated Press at how the new generation of the Republican Party has taken its movement in a different direction.

Andrew NottiFeb 24 2022 14:05


Andrew NottiFeb 24 2022 13:36


Foreign Ministry “silent” after Trump’s Ukraine comments

Speaking yesterday about former President Vladimir Putin’s tribute to when he ordered the invasion of Ukraine, State Department spokesman Ned Price briefly conveyed the mood in Foggy Bottom…

Andrew NottiFeb 24 2022 12:55


The Trump-Putin relationship resonates around the world

Donald Trump’s affinity for Vladimir Putin has been so evident that other world leaders have made explicit reference to it while doing their own domestic business. Here is an example from Israel:

Andrew NottiFebruary 24, 2022 12:20


ICYMI: Prosecutors resign from New York Trump investigation

Donald Trump received rare legal good news yesterday when two attorneys general resigned from a long-running investigation into his business dealings by the Manhattan Attorney General’s Office.

It is reported that there are doubts about the feasibility of suing Mr. Trump himself. The investigation (which differs from the investigation led by New York Attorney General Letitia James) led to a grand jury meeting to evaluate the evidence, but he did not present any evidence to them for some time. The investigation appears to have been hampered by the failure to “turn” the Trump Organization’s top staff against their boss.

Nathan Bliss story:

Andrew NottiFebruary 24, 2022 11:50


Andrew NottiFebruary 24, 2022 11:11

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