Trump dreams of election performance in New York

Smallest gap possible. This is Trump's desire: a surprise in his former stronghold, he, a tax-exempt New Floridian from Palm Beach, returns to New York only for encounters with the law: plenty, agony.

He won't win his home state, and he won't win the city that retains the accent of Queens, one of the most popular neighborhoods in the megalopolis. But he wants to stage a performance in the heart of these trendy and intellectual lands, where far-left activists and “Champagne Socialists” (The transatlantic reference expression, The “Left Caviar”), has not seen a Republican victory since Ronald Reagan's successful reelection in 1984 (forty-nine of fifty states).

There, last Tuesday, between two criminal trials, he made an unexpected visit to Harlem, shaking hands on West 139th Street, a popular neighborhood in northern Manhattan simultaneously caught up in gentrification and gentrification. The insecurity between the effects of immigrant invasion and inflation is more felt here than in the south of the island.

The idea and organization of this early visitation (at least in form) goes back to the oldest club of young Republicans in America, the largest in terms of membership and which has seen its members pass the most famous. Calvin Coolidge and Richard Nixon. “The Democrats have locked him up in the city for fabricated trials. He is using this time in the most effective way possible.Nathan Berger, vice president of the New York Young Republican Club, comments that the choice of location was obvious: “Hamilton Heights is important to the Dominican community and is becoming a hotbed of crime because of the Democratic policies led by District Attorney Alvin Bragg. »

In this twenty-minute communal bath menu, with good police protection, the fight against the insecurity that attacks the owners “Botega”These small grocery stores, you can buy anything at any time.

Chosen Bodega is the location of the 2022 murder of grocery store cashier Jose Alba with a box cutter in self-defense by Austin Simon, a customer who was fighting over his girlfriend's bank card. was denied. Harlem: All the frustrations are crystallizing, especially related to the policies of Democratic Mayor Eric Adams. All of the left's fantasy of losing minority votes: Latinos and blacks should vote Democratic. As if its citizens didn't have some nostalgia for the previous Republican municipalities in 2024.

“People are remembering what power is. Watch this city decay before their eyes. These bodegas are front row, as many of them are open 24 hours a day. People, depending on their age, may not have personal memories of the Giuliani era, but the city is deteriorating so quickly that they can observe the decline firsthand. » Bragg eventually dropped the charges against Alpha. But the news was emblematic of the sense of abandonment some residents of the Big Apple feel.

“We're overwhelmed by illegal immigration, and no politician in New York has a plan against it.”

“Neither the city nor the state is headed in the right direction under President Biden. New York's population is declining. Crime is rising. We're inundated with illegal immigration, and no politician in New York has a plan against it.”laments Troy Olson, a member of the New York Republican Party and co-author of The Emergence of a Populist Majority (Bombardier Editions, not yet translated).

Olson knows Trump won't win New York, but he emphasizes the performance he's achieving: “Many young New Yorkers may compare the results and conclude that the Trump years were better for their wallets, better for peace and prosperity.” According to the polls, Biden maintains a comfortable twelve-point advantage over his opponent in New York state. But the gap has narrowed significantly from 2020 when it was twenty-three points!

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“Trump doesn't need to win New YorkTroy Olson agreed. But if he loses by only single-digit percentages, it will give us an early indication of what results to expect in key Midwestern states that will decide the outcome on election night. » Big cities like Michigan or Wisconsin carry more weight in the balance of a vote, and in these states, unlike New York, which is decided by a few thousand votes.

Has the Big Apple turned into a dress rehearsal theater? The Republican nominee's campaign team dreams of a meeting at the famous Madison Square Garden, about a thirty-minute walk from Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. “Vibrant discussions are going onNathan Berger confides. In the coming weeks, Trump is sure to focus on the challenges facing big cities. »

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