Travis Kelce was denied entry to the 'SNL' after-party.

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Travis Kelsey He's currently one of the most popular players in the NFL thanks in large part to his relationship with Taylor Swift, but it looks like he's had some trouble getting past the guard tasked with letting people in. Saturday Night Live Afterparty a few years ago.

On March 4, 2023, Travis Kelce joined the list of professional athletes who got the chance to showcase their comedy chops inside Studio 8H when he hosted Saturday Night Live A few weeks after the Chiefs' victory over the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.

That episode aired long before he was romantically linked to T-Swift, but in October, he got the chance to return to SNL For a cameo in a sketch inspired by the obsession surrounding their relationship.

Kelce and Swift were spotted heading to an afterparty together after his second appearance, and while it's safe to assume the tight end had no trouble getting in, that clearly wasn't the case when he tried to get accepted to another party in 2022 .

Tuesday, SNL Cast member Punkie Johnson stopped by late Night With Seth Meyers, And during the host conversation She pulled up a picture of her and Kelsey Which she posted on Instagram on November 1, 2022 (a few days after the episode in which Jack Harlow served as host and musical guest).

Johnson revealed that the photo was the end result of her swooping in to save him after he tried (and failed) to get into the post-show pool, saying:

“The crazy thing is, he came to the show, we saw him at the show, and then he went to the afterparty and he's just looking. I'm like, 'Oh, that's Travis Kelce,' and they're like, 'You can't come in, bro.' You're not on the list.

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And I'm sitting there saying, “Why doesn't he include his resume?” “I'm on SNL — I'm a D-list celebrity — I would say, 'I'm on SNL!'” I know Lorne Michaels! But he was so innocent…

I went out there and said, “This is the Super Bowl champion!” He is the greatest tight end in the NFL! I was saying everything he had to say. I was like, “It's on my list.” Come on Travis!'

At least it all worked out in the end.

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