Travel News: What’s wrong with handling bear and tarantula encounters

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in Travel This week’s news: New and upgraded airports opening in Asia, the greatest cheeses of 2024, plus tips on how to deal with roadside spiders and hungry bears.

Bears and bugs

A spider caused a car accident in California’s Death Valley National Park this week, after a Swiss tourist slammed on the brakes after… Tarantula spotting. Then a motorcycle crashed into the back of their car. “Tarantulas are slow-moving and non-aggressive,” the park reassured nervous visitors. Its sting is said to be similar to that of a bee and “not fatal to humans.” So please do not endanger other road users by swerving or braking.

A section of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina was closed due to multiple reports of visitors trying to feed and even detain them. Young bear.

Autumn is the time when our canine friends are overeating because they are fattening up to hibernate: that’s why you should never get in the way of… Hungry bear – Or try to cuddle.

Shiny new airports and planes

Singapore Changi Station 2, perhaps the best in the world The most attractive airport, has been fully reopened after a three-and-a-half-year upgrade. The station is now more spacious, with increased capacity, and features an immersive garden and a digital waterfall display.

Elsewhere in Asia, visiting the stunning UNESCO-listed temple complex of Angkor Wat has become easier, thanks to the opening of a glittering temple. A new airport at a cost of $1.1 billion In Siem Reap last month.

Japan Airlines revealed High-tech interiors Of its 13 new A350-1000 aircraft, which are scheduled to enter service by the end of the year. We’re talking double beds, closet space, and speakers built into the headrest.

An American family has returned to the Italian island of Ponza, located offshore between Rome and Naples, to live in their ancestral cavernous home carved into sea cliffs. here How things are going for them.

When this California couple experienced health problems and life setbacks, they decided to take every second into account: they moved to… Andalusia, Spainto make their lives “as enjoyable as possible.”

The Lot Valley in France was where, in 2001, Robin Johnson and Jim Thamann found the empty, dilapidated property they would turn into Their dream home. “This gave us a way to start our lives together with a blank slate,” Johnson says.

The dense, cream-coloured Norwegian blue cheese, with a “fruity flavour”, was rated the best in the world at the annual conference World Cheese Awards This year it was held in Trondheim, Norway. The awards honor delicious global dairy products, from flawless versions of classics to innovative twists.

There is a growing market today for Asian cheeses: an Australian couple established Laos’ first dairy and buffalo farm in 2017 in the UNESCO heritage city of Luang Prabang. They told CNN Travel how it actually came through middle age crisis.

On the Channel Island of Guernsey, abundant local seaweed is turned into cheese and butter by the Seaweed Food Company. “Seaweed is a flavor enhancer, so you find that… Cheese is cheesier“.

The jet stream over the Atlantic Ocean was so strong this week that flights from the US to Europe reached speeds Equivalent to that soundReducing flight time by hours. The stream helped boost Storm KieranWhich hit Europe midweek.

If you’re out in the rain in November, our partners at CNN Underscored, a guide to product reviews and recommendations owned by CNN, have this guide to 17 best rain pantsaccording to experts.

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How could a design that resembles the past change the way we fly in the future?

The British-built Airlander 10 was widely known for its resemblance in some angles to its rounded tail, but a ‘flying tail’ may be a solution to climate-conscious air travel – and could become the world’s largest aircraft.

a “secret room” It was decorated by Michelangelo and is open to the public.

It’s hidden under a mausoleum in Florence, Italy.

I grew up in a cabin on an island with no running water or electricity.

Now she pilot.

The monster that feeds and eats in Lake Tahoe.

It’s a local people’s problem Eager to solve.

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