Tomlin and Colbert say starting the QB job would be an open competition between Trubisky, Rudolph and Beckett

Who will be the Pittsburgh Steelers starting from QB week one? nobody knows. Not even the Steelers. In their post-draft press conference, Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert penned it as this summer’s open competition between Mitch Trubesky, Mason Rudolph, and Kenny Beckett.

Tomlin and Colbert Both told reporters that the three menincluding Beckett, will have the opportunity to compete.

“The quarterback is the most important place in and in the NFL,” Colbert said after the selection. “That’s not anything to take away from Mitch Trubesky or Mason Rudolph. We have three young quarterbacks. We have a lot of competition. As the coach mentioned, they’ll all be in it to see who gets to start. But I think we now have three real good options.”

As Colbert hinted, Tomlin said Beckett would “certainly” be given the opportunity to compete.

“He will definitely have the opportunity to compete,” Tomlin said in the press.

Rudolph is the only Steelers QB returning from 2021 to 2022. Trubisky was signed at the start of the free agency, and at the time, he was the favorite to be the team’s primary QB. But nothing would be served, especially with the comfort they enjoyed in Rudolph, who has Matt Canada.

With Pickett in the mix, considered the most prepared QB in the 2022 class, now enters this competition. He wasn’t as raw or backward as other quarterbacks in this category like Malik Willis, Matt Corral or Sam Howell. Beckett has a chance to play right away. Now, it’s up to the Steelers to find a way to split the reps to get an accurate assessment heading into the first week.

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Colbert praised Beckett’s maturity.

“Kenny is just a mature, well-balanced man.”

Tomlin praised Beckett’s easier drop and lower stakes.

“We talked about his high floor. The high floor of HIs was due to the intangible. But also anticipation and professional, the accuracy was very clear and consistent when studying his bar.”

It will be the first time the Steelers have felt the uncertainty of QB heading into a season in two decades. But Pittsburgh has options, the competition is healthy, and hopefully someone will stand out from the rest by September.

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