Tom Telesco: I use a Magic 8 ball, not a coin, to make draft picks

Several members of the Raiders organization shot down Terrion Arnold’s claim that the team flipped a coin to decide to draft him on tight end Brock Bowers and general manager Tom Telesco used a little humor while doing so.

Telesco denial came after Head coach Antonio Pierce and assistant GM Champ Kelly It was rejected The idea that they weren’t convinced that Bowers was the right guy. Telesco said “there wasn’t a lot of discussion” before selecting No. 13 in the first round because the team went through a number of scenarios leading up to draft night, so there was no need to flip a coin or break. Remove any children’s toys in order to settle the dispute.

“I usually use Magic ball 8 “And not a coin,” Telesco said on NFL Network. “But no, part of this draft process, and we’re going to do that in two weeks really, we’re going to go over all the different scenarios of what could happen in the first round and how we’re going to respond to them and discuss them. When you pick 13, there’s not a lot of scenarios that you have to go through. So from Obviously we went through the scenario of players leaving and Brock Powers being there, and we discussed that in a small group – if that happened, we would take Brock so we went through that process.”

The Raiders and many other teams may one day regret passing on Arnold — the cornerback went to the Lions at No. 24 — but there didn’t appear to be much discussion going on before sending the pick to the league.

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