Tom Holland's Avengers bounty was sent to Tom Hollander by mistake

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Tom Holland is a 27-year-old British actor, best known for his role in the movie Spiderman

It's not every day that a million dollars appears in your account by accident.

But The White Lotus star Tom Hollander revealed that what happened to him was when he received a salary earmarked for Spiderman actor Tom Holland.

He added jokingly: “It was very difficult, because you know I was here first but he is very famous.”

Explaining how he discovered the accidental payment, Hollander said he had been observing a friend at the theater who was charging £300.

“I sat smugly in the audience having just done a BBC show for £30,000 or whatever would have kept me going for the next year or so, and I was thinking, well, this is great, I'm very prosperous.” ”

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Tom Hollander won a BAFTA for his supporting role in BBC drama The Night Manager

At some point, he checked his emails and saw one with a payment slip that said “The Avengers box office bonus.”

“It was an amazing amount of money,” the 56-year-old told Myers. “It wasn't his salary. It was his first box office bonus. It wasn't his first box office bonus. It was more money than I'd ever made.” [seen]. “It was a seven-figure sum.”

“My sense of arrogance has disappeared,” he added.

Holland, who is dating Euphoria star Zendaya, has played Spider-Man in six Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

“Obviously I'm not wrong with him, but in unseen contexts, I'm wrong with him all the time,” Hollander said.

“Talking to utility companies…or when I get to know someone and they're very excited, then confused, then frustrated.”

While similar names can cause confusion, even more confusion can occur when two celebrities have the same name.

The couple said they often arrived somewhere to find that people were expecting “the other” Brian Cox.

Physicist Cox even said he had to use a different name when a hotel told him their system couldn't handle two separate bookings with the same name.

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Brian Cox is often confused with Brian Cox

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