To prove that he is not on the right side, this RN candidate shows a photo of his wife live on TV

Gerard Volori, the candidate for the National Rally in the 3rd District of R ரோon in Lyon, is currently speaking out over the controversy he caused on the France 3 film.

Gerard Volori, who was invited as part of the debate on the legislative elections, was challenged by the host after another guest, Republican Beatrice de Montille, spoke of “seriousness.”

The RN candidate defended himself against being an extremist by posting a photo of his wife of Rwandan descent. A gesture that shocked Macron’s party member Sarah Baylon, who was in the set, the latter said. “Personal life should be in the personal domain”.

Host Paul Chattis also responded immediately, indicating that the gesture was inappropriate. The discussion on other matters then continued.

But the controversy has been widely commented on social networking sites and has angered internet users. At FranceInfo, Gerard Vlorரி returns to his gesture, assuring him that this is by no means a premeditated political conspiracy and that he will always have a photo of his wife. “I’m so proud of my wife and her journey”Before he mentions, if no one directly calls him a racist, “It was marked and That annoyed me. “

He recognizes it too “Maybe it’s a bad reaction” Following several traumatic reactions on the web, he apologized for this gesture that even his wife would like what he did not do.

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