TJ Maxx, Marshalls employees wear body cameras to reduce thefts

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TJ Maxx and Marshalls employees will be equipped with body cameras in an effort to curb the record thefts that many U.S. retailers are struggling with.

TJX Companies, whose holdings also include Sierra and Home Estate, began piloting body cameras at several store locations this year “to quell incidents, deter crime and demonstrate to our associates and customers that we take safety in our stores seriously.” Parent company spokesman He told Fox Business.

The cameras are worn by loss prevention personnel who are trained in how to use the devices. The footage will only be shared with law enforcement upon request or in response to a subpoena, according to the company.

The company hopes that once people know they are being photographed, they will be discouraged from stealing, CFO John Klinger told analysts during a May earnings call.

The retailer is focusing on “shrinkage” — an industry term for lost or stolen merchandise, according to Fox Business.

TJ Maxx’s parent company, TJX Companies, will have its employees wear body cameras. Christopher Sadowski
The company hopes that body cameras will reduce thefts in its stores. Christopher Sadowski

While TJX expects the downturn to remain consistent from year to year, Klinger said it still has a “huge focus on making sure that we balance protecting merchandise with making sure customers can easily shop and get it — and be able to purchase merchandise while also maintaining safety in our stores.” “

Company executives hope the cameras will thwart the rampant retail theft that has plagued businesses across the country, accounting for $112.1 billion in losses in 2022, according to the National Retail Federation.

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Companies like Target and Dollar General announced plans this year to limit or eliminate self-checkouts at their store locations to combat thieves.

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