Three tourists mysteriously die, “Early health emergency declared …”

“I was saddened to learn that three American visitors, two men and a woman had died at a hotel in Exuma,” the country’s deputy prime minister, Chester Cooper, said in a statement. “Police are investigating and the cause of death is unknown” but “there is no suspicion of any wrongdoing,” he added.

A fourth person, an American woman, was airlifted to a hospital, without giving further details, the official added.

These facts took place at the Sentels Emerald Bay, a luxury hotel located on the beach on Great Exuma Island.

“Initially a health emergency was declared and, as per our protocol, we immediately alerted health professionals and local authorities,” Sentals Resorts commented, “respecting the privacy of our guests” and declined to provide further details.


On Friday, just after 9am (3pm), police were informed that a person had been found “unconscious” at the hotel, law enforcement said.

Once there, investigators found the first man unconscious in a villa, lying on the ground. “There were no signs of trauma,” police said, adding that the victim died shortly afterwards.

In the second villa, police found another man “sliding on the wall”, as well as a woman, lying in bed, and dead.

The couple had complained of “illness” the previous day and were “treated” before returning to their shelter, adding to the police without mentioning the nature.

Investigators said they were waiting for the autopsy results to find the cause of these mysterious deaths.

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