Three-quarters of Americans worry about Joe Biden's health: “It happens every time he speaks. It's a lot”

In recent days, President Joe Biden has been singled out for his missteps, calling Emmanuel Macron “Germany's Mitterrand” and confusing former German Chancellor Angela Merkel with one of her predecessors, Helmut Kohl. Democrats have the same kind of gaffes and memorable falls behind him. There are many elements that create awareness about his health. One report described him as a “demented old man”.

These concerns about her abilities could hurt her in a presidential election that could pit her against Donald Trump. In fact, nearly three-quarters of Americans, including half of Democrats, are concerned about their health. An NBC News poll. 62% of voters said they were very concerned about the president's health, while 14% were moderately concerned.

Joe Biden opened a royal road for Donald Trump

In Washington, many of them testified on BFMTV. “It is very worrying because it is routine. This happens not just once in a while, but every time he speaks. It's a lot. We tell ourselves that he cannot make the best decisions, especially from the most powerful country in the world.”, said a passerby. But for Sandy, one of the Democrats' supporters, the president's age didn't bother him. “He always had a tendency to make mistakes, which I don't think is representative of his cognitive abilities.

However, to many, Joe Biden still appears to be an alternative to Donald Trump. “You know today, he's the only option, even though I'd love to have other candidates run for the Democrats. But this is not the case. So, we make do with what we have, right?”, declares another resident of the American capital. By comparison, 61% of voters said they were worried about the multiple impeachments against Donald Trump, while only 48% of them said they were worried about his health. Although the two candidates are four years apart, the gap is significant in the eyes of voters.

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And voters aren't the only ones questioning a candidate's abilities. “The Democratic Party is dramatically concerned. Nicole Bacharan, a political scientist and historian, expert in the United States, explains to our colleagues at franceinfo. “They are very concerned about Joe Biden's age, physical and sometimes a little mental frailty. She's clear, so yes, her camp is very concerned”, she continues.

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