Thousands of Israelis are calling for Netanyahu's resignation

Israel ordered emergency humanitarian aid

The Israeli army announced on Monday that 600 of its soldiers had died in its operations in the Palestinian territories, including 256 operational deaths since the ground operation in Gaza began on 27 October. Most of the soldiers were killed in an unprecedented surprise attack by Hamas on October 7, which also killed a thousand Israeli civilians. Also, more than 1,523 soldiers have been injured in the Palestinian Territory since the ground operation began. Other soldiers were killed in the occupied West Bank or on the border with Lebanon, where gunfire has raged daily since October 7.

Broken bodies

The army announced it was withdrawing from the Al-Sifa hospital complex, the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, after it had “ended” its operations while killing more than 200 “terrorists” in two weeks. Local civil defense officials, for their part, said about 300 people died in and around the hospital, including many civilians. According to WHO, 21 hospitalized patients died during surgery and 107 remain in hospital.

The contempt and cynicism of Benjamin Netanyahu

Testimonies from doctors and civilians at the compound told AFP that at least twenty bodies had been found, some of which appeared to have been run over by military vehicles. The compound was attacked on March 18 after the Israeli military accused Hamas leaders of hiding there. Hamas has always denied using it as a command center.

For its part, Israeli police announced on Monday that they had arrested the sister of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in the south of the country, where she lives, as part of a terror investigation. According to police officials, he is “suspected to be in contact with Hamas agents and identified with the organization, while inciting and supporting terrorist activities in Israel”.

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