This little paradise facing the sea offers plots at 60 euros per square meter

After a Spanish village sold for the price of a house, a Scottish island for €200,000 or Italian houses for €1, here's a new good opportunity for those looking to invest abroad and get out of the country. And it's happening right next to us…

What are the three best countries to buy property in Europe?

Sea facing house

In Finistère, between the pretty towns of Morlaix and Roscoff, a remote corner facing the Breton coast offers sea-facing plots for just €60 per square metre. A questionable goal? Plougasnou is a small coastal town of about 3,000 people. On offer: 23 km of indented and protected coastline and excellent fishing spots for those who love it. Among the best local attractions, we would mention the beautiful beach of Blougasno-Saint-Jean-du-Toigt or the small bucolic port of Carandec and Roscoff. The city is located one and a half hours from Quimper and one hour from Brest.

The sale of these lands will commence in September 2023. In total, it is selling 26 lots ranging from 424 to 742 square meters at prices ranging from €60 to €95 per square metre. There is no trap behind this offer, only a desire on the part of the municipality to promote access to housing in a tense sector for first-time buyers. A good way to attract younger people who stay there all year round. Five spaces are reserved for first-time buyers and/or owners of tiny homes.

Some criteria

Additionally, the municipality clearly states in its allotment regulations that only principal residence applications will be accepted. “Only individuals intending to build their primary residence are eligible. Applications submitted by secondary residence, seasonal rental property, offices or premises, or real estate professionals will not be accepted.”We can read.

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The person benefiting from the land allotment must submit an application for building permission within a maximum of one year from the date of signing the deed. The buyer must occupy the house in question for a minimum of 10 years and cannot rent it out to others except in exceptional circumstances. Application and reservation files can be collected from the City Planning Department at the Town Hall. No files can be delivered by email or post.

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