This highly touristic Italian destination finally has its own airport

The goals Approaching the most touristy is not always as easy as you might think. And this is especially the case Italy. In fact, if can reach most of the major cities of the country Airplane, which is not for everyone. For example, there is a lot popular Asking to take another flight Transportation devices to go there.

This European airline offers its customers the opportunity to fly to an unknown destination

But that will soon be ancient history. In fact, A airport This dream destination, which welcomes 5 million people every year, will open very soon. Tourists.

A difficult target to reach

This is about Amalfi Coast. Yes, this is the chosen destination in Italy, which is increasingly popular. There are colorful houses, amazing beaches, delicious gastronomy, harbors and beautiful historical heritage. Also, this place is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The problem with this goal? her Lack of access. Actually, to get there, you have to land in one of these five airports: Naples, Rome, Rome Ciampino, Bari or Lamezia Terme. However, these are actually far from the Amalfi Coast. So, you need to complete your travel You can take the train, bus or rent a car for several hours.

It has to be said that this is something to take into account when planning a trip, and it may prevent you from going to the Amalfi Coast. But, the good news: a New airport From July this year you will be able to go there directly!

Actually, the airport already exists. It is an airport Salerno Costa d'Amalfi. It was built in 1926, but is no longer in use Commercial flights Since 2016. It has long been a military base or a school for future pilots but also an airport for owners of private jets.

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This new route from Charleroi Airport takes you directly to the island paradise

But that was before! In fact, it will be active again from the month July 2024. But be careful with the information Metro UKThere will be only one Spanish airline Volodya It will initially serve the airport. Here, this company serves the airport Charleroi Brussels-South. Soon you can fly there towards the Amalfi Coast.

Of course, new Airlines It will gradually arrive at this airport. The new terminals are also to be built by 2026-2027.

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