This French student embarks on a maddening challenge to pay his fine in small change: “One of the best weekends of my life”

“I was working on July 14 and because I was busy, I left my car where I couldn’t,” explains the 22-year-old. Given the festivities scheduled for the national holiday, his car was taken to the pound.

Pokemon cards in exchange for coins

Instead of moaning, Dorian decided to put a fun spin on his fine by paying it in small coins. “I need more than 200 euros in brown coins,” he summed up on his Instagram account. That’s several kilos of parts. Not having this stock on hand, he decided to appeal to his roommates (who generously gave him 30 cents) and then to passers-by on the street.

“I don’t want to be rich,” says the young man “I wanted to do something fun. From the beginning I planned to donate the same amount of coins collected to a disabled sports association.” Not wanting to rely solely on people’s generosity, he decided to give away Pokemon cards instead.

Donation to Disabled Sports Association

To implement this plan, the young man spent a long time signing on the street (and in bars). According to his own words, he met incredible people. Most people were amused by the initiative and excited to get rid of infrequently used parts.

At the end of the week, Dorian went to the pound (Hugut, as he calls it) to retrieve his car. As expected, it does not accept payment in pound coins. But the student paid the fine “normally” because he predicted the blow. As he collected 102 euros, he promised to make a donation equal to this amount to a disabled sports club (which he has yet to find).

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“The important thing was having fun. I had the best weekend of my life,” the student concluded.

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