‘Things will get worse’: Putin adviser proposes nuclear strike to turn tide of war

Sergei Karaganov, a Russian political scientist close to Vladimir Putin, recently got people talking about him by proposing the radical idea of ​​a nuclear attack on Europe.

As Head Ladsday News explains, in an article titled “A Difficult But Necessary Choice,” Sergey Karaganov lays out his arguments. He argues that the war was instigated by the West to prevent Russia from becoming a world power. “The increasingly rapid defeat of Western elites” one can read as the origin of this crisis. So Ukraine is being used as an excuse to control Russia, he says.

In the Russian version of his article, the political scientist believes that one victory will not be enough to restore Russia’s power: “The situation will get worse. Armistice is possible, but peace is not. Frustration and anger continue to grow, and the actions of the West indicate that we are heading for World War III. He writes. It has already started and may turn into a conflagration due to the incompetence of Western governments. It is inconceivable that there are more reasonable leaders in a short period of time.

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According to him, the solution “A catharsis“, hence the introduction of a major offensive in Europe: “The use of nuclear weapons could save humanity from global catastrophe”, he advances.

It was the fear of nuclear weapons that ensured three-quarters of a century of peace. But that fear is gone and needs to be rekindled. Putin’s close friend says. According to him, without this threat, humanity would perish. So he wants to raise this risk above the West in hopes of not having to resort to nuclear power.

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We may reach a point where we have to ask all people of good will to leave their homes near the targets of countries supporting the Kiev puppet regime. If they don’t budge, you have no choice but to hit them to bring them to their senses.”.

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Sergei Karaganov is an adviser to the Kremlin, and pushed the Russian president toward war today with his theory. It was based on protecting ethnic Russians to regain control of former Soviet states and led to the invasions of Georgia and Ukraine, as our colleagues explain. For Karagano, the desire for an authoritarian leader is written into the Russian genes.

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