There was a Quake tease hiding in plain sight in the Developer Direct showcase

Fans think they've spotted a reference to a new Quake game hiding in plain sight in Microsoft's latest Developer Direct presentation.

Also spotted by ResetEra JigglesBunny – In a clip about the puzzles in the newly announced Indiana Jones and the Great Circle game – players believe they can just make out the Quake symbol and a small text: “AKE 6” written across the front on the whiteboard.

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No, that's not concrete evidence – for one thing, it's hard to imagine that there will be a Quake 6 before Quake 5 – while the letters themselves could be a coincidence, it's unfortunate that the logo itself exists by coincidence. And while it's plausible that the board game served as inspiration for the puzzle design, that doesn't explain the number “6” next to the letters and logo either. Curious and inquisitive.

Does this definitively mean that MachineGames is working on one or more subsequent Quake games? no. But it is unlikely that the name-drop occurred accidentally either. Watch this space, eh? will keep you posted.

Live Developer 2024.

If you missed the headlines from this week's show, allow us to update you. The news team discusses Xbox Developer Direct 2024 in this week's Eurogamer newsletter.

The big draw was Indiana Jones and the Great Circle from Wolfenstein maker MachineGames, a blockbuster action adventure clearly set up to be Microsoft's answer to Uncharted. But as Tom P. points out, there was also a great-looking Hellblade 2 as well, the engaging sequel from Ninja Theory that we've been looking forward to for years.

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