The uprights were gobbled up in the UGA Baseball Series finale against Mississippi State

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Filling out the lineup card for Georgia's baseball game Sunday at Mississippi State was even more difficult for head coaches after the wild and bizarre events that occurred Saturday night.

Five players received one-game suspensions after clearing the benches in the eighth inning of Georgia's 3-2 win on Saturday, the SEC announced Sunday morning before the 2 p.m. game in Starkville.

The league said that the suspended players were from Georgia, Fernando Gonzalez, outfielder Henry Hunter, and pitcher Daniel Badisak, in addition to Mississippi State's Johnny Long and third baseman Logan Koehler.

Georgia was able to postpone the suspensions due to the involvement of two poachers. Gonzalez is scheduled to play today and will be suspended for Tuesday's home game against Kennesaw State. Hunter will be suspended for Sunday's game with Mississippi State.

At least five Mississippi State players appeared to be fired in Starkville on Saturday night including Dakota Jordan who leads the team in home runs, RBI and batting average.

Georgia second baseman Slate Alford and Gonzalez were among those who appeared to be thrown out of a game the Bulldogs won after Clayton Chadwick's ninth-inning home run.

The SEC announced the suspensions Sunday “following further video review of the incident Saturday night and Sunday morning, and in consultation with the NCAA Secretary of Rules Editor.”

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It all spilled over into what Georgia baseball coach Wes Johnson called “the craziest game I've ever been a part of,” after a home run led to seats emptying and the game being halted for about 40 minutes for the SEC to settle the matter. Everyone out.

Georgia's base runner Dillon Carter was thrown out at the plate in a tying game to end the top of the eighth inning after a tag from Long, but the catcher stood over Carter and appeared to hit him with his knee several times.

The umpiring staff declared that Georgia challenged “harmful contact at the plate.” So the play was reviewed by the SEC's office in Birmingham and Carter was disqualified but no harmful contact was determined.

But then, what happened after the play was reviewed to determine ejections for those “leaving the dugout or bullpen to enter the field at the time of a potential altercation,” according to Georgia.

Head coaches have been notified of those fired, but they have not been announced publicly, leaving SEC Network's Dave Neal and Chris Burke to try to piece together who is still available to play.

“We'll find out who's on the field at Mississippi State when we get back,” Neal said after the eighth inning.

On3's Maroon and White Daily reported that Mississippi State's Jordan, Long, first baseman Hunter Haynes, second baseman Amani Laree and Koehler were all ejected.

“My team was literally on the field, so what were they supposed to do?” Mississippi State coach Chris Lemonis said after the game in a video posted by Cowbell Corner on YouTube. “None of these kids that got ejected were aggressive. They didn't come out aggressive. Nobody started a fight. They were on the field, they walked off the field to congratulate their teammate and my entire squad was taken out?”

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“Saturday night’s ejections were the result of the application of NCAA Rule 5.16.c which states that team members who leave their position to engage in a verbal altercation or physical confrontation will be ejected and suspended,” the SEC announced in a statement Sunday. For one game, after further video review by the conference office and consultation with the NCAA, the player's suspension was reduced to five players.

Mississippi State athletic director Zach Salmon issued a strongly worded statement on his Many are angry, and so am I. We will always fight for our players, for our fans and for the state of Mississippi.

Georgia is 24-7, 5-6 in the SEC entering Sunday's game. Mississippi State is 20-12, 5-6.

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