The start of the hunt in Bouillon: the game is in sight! (video)

We missed the big pig “However, it is not Obelix at the end of the walkie-talkie. At the height of Bouillon, Robert Rochet learns the bad news: one of his 36 hunters has let the animal escape. This Tuesday, the manager of this Bouillon is hunting the trainers by radio. A brocade passes 30 meters away, elegantly, the animal. On the run, will its life be saved? For this “little hunt”, the former police commissioner briefed his men around.

The desire to start the season is felt, but: “ Prohibition of shooting in pursuit. You respect the 30-degree shooting angle, which is essential. I don’t want an accident. We bury our ball. There is another article in L’Avenir this morning about a stray bullet hitting a house in Pernignon. Hunt has already been criticized enough.

The enthusiast moves from station to station to ensure that no ball is lost. And say: “ We do not make orphans. Don’t bring me a pig with hogs.”


Reels and dogs run over 400 hectares of hunting. Substantial area for grid. ©EDA Claudie Pettit

The jeep convoy heads towards Chamois. Very quickly, the hubbub of douds takes its toll on 400 hectares, and it retreats. Dogs bark. The forest panics. First animals fall. In two hours: one deer, one deer, one buck, three deer, one doe, one wild boar.

4X4, radios, GPS, hunting still fair? “Radios help us a lot in security. We have a shooting plan”, Justifies Robert.


Baguette and sausage break at Buhan Church at eleven o’clock. Enough to satisfy a carnivorous appetite. A very small port. Friendly, not overly so.

Upon seeing a tank of Jubiler, the boss slips that he doesn’t like the look of this iron.

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There is good humor. Forget the hassles of feeding, fences to maintain, and damage costs to farmers. “Last year, I paid 2,000 euros for damage to grain. This can harm walkers and mountain bikers. “We must live together!”

At age 80, René Wiebrook has been hunting for 55 years. No good pressure to hunt? “I believe that ecology, as good as it is, gives bad ideas about hunting.”

And what about the famous wild boar from the beginning? At the end of the fight, Robert would congratulate the boy who did not shoot for safety reasons: “I take my hat off to him! Not shooting is hunting!

3 months leave

    Critical moment before hunting: Explanation.  It is then that safety measures are reminded.
Critical moment before hunting: Explanation. It is then that safety measures are reminded. ©EDA Claudie Pettit

Simon Bragonier is a tout. His stentorian voice echoes through the brambles with a hunting trumpet. His dogs, equipped with GPS collars, chase wild boars so they don’t get lost. Through thorns and steep slopes, the Ardennes rushes down.

His colleague is taking three months off. A municipal employee who has already been injured by a wild boar will hunt for 60 to 70 days. This is his holiday. He gets between 40 and 120 euros depending on the hunt and the number of dogs. “ We don’t do it for the money, when I go to Liège, I pay for the fuel oil, I have to feed the dogs. Renting a GPS collar costs 13 euros per month“. Dogs will also risk their hides. It is not unusual for a wild boar to injure an animal.

Just guys?

A hunting world? Two of the 36 participants were women. Fanzette, no longer a young woman, assures: “ I was well received in this world and I got many friends. Obviously, we have to give some credit to their jokes, ‘Did you shoot your shot? You took your foot“, says this Diane, who treats the men to blood sausage, sausage and pate during intermission.

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As for Carroll, he talks about a family story, “ Hunters are happy to have female hunters, there’s a lot of respect, it’s not a fancy environment.

A game for the rich?

A sport or a hunt for the rich? The company leases its premises for 4 days to the municipality for approximately 16,000 euros per year excluding taxes. Twelve partners can invite two participants. Cap: 50 Euros.

A local hunter has nothing to do with other hunts that have been fooled, wanting to benefit from municipal resources. “A hunter participating in a large hunt can pay up to 10,000 euros per year“, we will ask. Obviously with the need to shoot!

If the meat is undamaged, it’s a far cry from the kilo of tho sold at the butcher’s this Tuesday at three euros per kilo. The company should respect the shooting plans. Otherwise: a fine of 250 euros.

Robert Ponsard, president of the local hunting group, declares: The province’s hunting groups will go to the State Council against DNF’s way of imposing shooting plans, which should be a negotiation.

Bernard, Provençal!

    Bernard came from France to take part in an organized hunt in Bouillon.
Bernard came from France to take part in an organized hunt in Bouillon. ©EDA Claudie Pettit

Bernard Mefray, you are from Sisteron in France, a friend called. What’s the difference here?

Biotope, forests are wonderful with fir, spruce, and for us it is oak. Here, it is very humid and green.

Aren’t you here for nothing?

I had the opportunity to shoot a deer. It is very good!

A revelation that doesn’t please anti-poaching?

Yes, it can be shocking, but hunters regulate wildlife. It is thanks to them that the passers-by have the opportunity to see the beautiful game. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a hunt.

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