The Starfield player is left stranded on the planet with an unsuitable companion for company

published: 2023-10-21T04:14:05

Updated: 2023-10-21T04:14:15

One Starfield player’s journey has taken a unique turn as they are left stranded on a barren planet with only Andreja accompanying them.

Starfield allows players to immerse themselves in its vast world. However, as with any Bethesda title, the game is not without its quirks and bugs.

Some bugs were amusing, such as ships taking off without launching pilots or players into space using only their ship’s cockpit. Others were downright bizarre, like pulling an entire city into space.

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But for one player, the routine trip took an unexpected turn.

in Reddit postone player shared his predicament of being stranded on a barren, snow-covered planet.

Their ship mysteriously departed, leaving them no way to escape. The only signs of life were the player character and his companion Andreja, who curiously wandered around without a protective suit, defying the game’s usual demands for such hostile environments.

Copper and water were the only resources available on the planet, leaving the player without much choice for what to do next.

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The Starfield community quickly jumped in with a mix of humor and advice. One user referred to the movie “The Martian,” he suggests jokingly The player grows potatoes to survive.

Another recommended setting up an outpost and building a landing pad, while others recommended walking around hoping a ship would land nearby. Player’s response? “I think this is my best option.”

While some of the bugs in Starfield were funny, like asteroids turning into pets or launching players into space without their ships, others were more problematic.

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For now, our stranded player may have to rely on outdated save files or hope for a ship to pass by. But as one user pointed out, where’s the fun in taking the easy way out?

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