The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with a titanium frame won’t cut weight

We’re a couple of months away from the potential launch of the Galaxy S24, but most of its features have leaked over the past few months. It has also been rumored that Samsung will use a titanium alloy frame for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and it increasingly appears that the information is accurate. A new report from South Korea confirms the presence of a titanium frame in the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

according to TheElec new reportThe Galaxy S24 Ultra uses a titanium frame for the case. Apparently, this is the only phone in the Galaxy S24 lineup to feature a titanium frame, and the company could expand the feature to more models in the coming years. While Apple was the first to bring titanium to smartphones, Samsung has been working on titanium frames for two years, and the final decision was made to bring it to the Galaxy S24 Ultra this year.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra with a titanium frame will not be lighter than the Galaxy S23 Ultra

The company is said to be in the late stages of securing the return rate for titanium cases. It works with several Chinese suppliers in its factory in Vietnam. It works with China’s Soloman and South Korea’s KH Vatec to produce titanium frames. Titanium is stronger than aluminum and lighter than steel, but it is also harder to cut and finish. Hence, the production rate of titanium is lower and it can become an expensive matter. Currently, Samsung uses aluminum frames for its phones, which cost less than $20 each. However, titanium frames can be much more expensive, resulting in a higher bill of materials (BOM) and possibly the price of the device.

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Since Apple has switched from stainless steel to titanium for the iPhone 15 Pro series, this could reduce the weight of the devices. However, Samsung was using aluminum, so switching to titanium will make the phones stronger but not lighter. That’s why it was rumored that the weight of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is very similar to the weight of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will also use a flat display instead of the one with curved edges on its right and left sides.

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