The number of Hogwarts Legacy players has dropped sharply

Despite what seemed like an ongoing war between transgender people and their allies, they asked players to boycott Hogwarts Legacy And the thousands of people buying, playing, and streaming the game anyway, any initial hype seems to have all but died down. when Hogwarts Legacy Released in February, it grabbed the top four best selling spots on Steam and More than 800 thousand people played On the first weekend.

Now, most of the game’s hardcore defenders seem to have given up on it after only a month of release. Last week, Twitch partner DaydreamerDan highlighted the fact that the number of active users Hogwarts Legacy The number of players dropped from nearly 900k to 75k, with Twitch viewership dropping from 1.2m to just 16k.

According to Twitch analytics and statistics website Solignum, viewers and viewers keep leaving the game behind. Only 25.3 percent of Steam triggers Complete the main story of the game and get the achievement “Hogwarts Champion”, A feat that is said to only take 20-30 hours.

By comparison, last year Elden ring It takes nearly three times as long to complete the main story, but Twitch analytics shows Much slower decline For both streams and viewers. Between 13 and 27 percent of Steam triggers They get achievements for one of his three endings.

Elden ring is one of the many role-playing games he cited Hogwarts Legacy Twitter advocates claiming a low completion rate is not exclusive to Potter Title. Others note that such games are much more difficult and therefore take longer to beat, or that there are more missions and side quests to tackle that may keep players invested for a longer period. Regardless, such a sharp drop in Hogwarts Legacy Interest after just one month is embarrassing at best.

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before release Hogwarts LegacyMany called for a boycott Harry Potter Comments by J.K. Rowling’s transphobia, as well as rampant antisemitism within the game. This request was expected to be met with resistance from those whose desire to get around virtual Hogwarts spells to cast seemed to take precedence over real people’s lives, with many claiming they wanted to support the game’s developers – but this also went sideways.

It seems that Hogwarts’ appeal doesn’t stand the test of time after all. Perhaps other fantasy RPGs that don’t put money into TERF pockets are better investments.

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