The new Sonos Ace wireless headphones from Sonos

It may be hard to believe, but before today, one of the most popular consumer audio brands in the world didn’t make headphones. Sonos has just announced the Sonos Ace, its first foray into the headphone market, a set of wireless over-ear cans packed with features and “the most accurate and immersive home theater experience possible,” according to the brand’s announcement. today.

The Sonos Ace has a very clean, modern look with a slim profile that adds to its overall elegance, blending metal with matte plastic for a premium aesthetic that will undoubtedly attract the type of customers considering purchasing AirPods Max. In fact, just like the aforementioned Apple headphones, the Sonos Ace folds similarly flat for storage and includes real, tactile buttons; But, unlike its competitor, Sonos actually includes a lightweight travel case, a nicely simple case that Apple inexplicably ignored.

All the modern features that the best wireless headphones are expected to have are here. The Sonos Ace includes “world-class” noise cancellation and transparency modes, as well as “amazing” Hi-Res wireless audio and is ideal for people with Tidal and other high-resolution streaming subscriptions. Sonos has even included its own version of spatial audio, something that has grown in popularity in recent years, and helps keep the headphones running for a long time with up to 30 hours of battery life that can be revived in emergency situations with just three minutes of charging. Three hours of operation.

In addition to great sound, Sonos claims its Ace headphones focus on comfort, using “cushion-soft” foam wrapped in vegan leather for the ear cups for what the brand calls a “wearing nothing” feel. These ear cups are fully replaceable too, adding to the brand’s sustainability credentials, while Sonos claims to have used 17% less plastic with the Ace compared to other devices in its range. Even the case we mentioned earlier is part of Sonos’ circular ambitions and is made from 75% recycled felt derived from post-consumer plastic bottles.

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Known for its smart speakers and groundbreaking all-in-one audio system, Sonos fans have been waiting a long time for the brand to debut headphones. The brand even acknowledged it in its press release today with CEO Patrick Spence saying: “They’re here!”

The new Sonos Ace headphones will launch on June 5 and will be available in “Black” and “Soft White.” You can pre-order the headphones now via the brand’s website website Priced at £449/$449.

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