The new Pokémon Trading Card Game finally launches this June

Pokémon Trading Card Game is a live gameIts release has been delayed so many times since The Pokémon Company announced its debut in 2021 that it often feels like Pokemon TCG Go The later may never see the light of day or make it out of beta. Come summer, though, that all changes.

After nearly two years of assuring people it would drop “soon,” The Pokémon Company announced today that Pokemon tcg live for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows will be officially launched on the 8th of June along with the upcoming version Scarlet and Violet – Baldea evolved card set. before Paldea has evolved Hits physical stores on June 9, players will be able to purchase and play with digital cards from the collection up to Pokemon tcg live app, and those who log into the game between May 2 and June 6 will receive a variety of customization bonuses such as digital card covers and deck chests.

like Kotaku notesAnd Pokemon tcg liveThe release of the game comes after a great deal of discontent with longtime fans of the game who found the experience of transitioning from it Pokemon TCG Go To the new platform to be a passive system.

While the apps share a number of basic similarities when it comes to combat, things like the removal of in-game trading functionality and the fact that He livesDefault booster packs contain fewer cards than He goesCaused some players to stop doing the jump. It’s not clear if any of those concerns were addressed in any capacity – let alone one that would make everyone happy – but no matter how long the gamers feel, come June, Pokemon tcg live It will be the only way to play the game online, as The Pokémon Company plans to delist the service from the app stores on June 5th.

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