The new 2 euro coin that pays homage to caretakers is not unanimous: “cynicism”, “this is the revaluation we need”, “the metal of hypocrisy”

On this International Nurses’ Day, Belgian caregivers would like to remind you of the need to reevaluate the industry facing severe shortages. The situation was aggravated by the health crisis.

Like every year, International Nurses Day is celebrated on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. On this occasion, the entire industry is mobilizing around events around the world to celebrate these professionals who have been particularly affected by the health crisis. With accreditation, coins will be distributed on our campus to doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacists and paramedics. Nearly two million 2-euro coins will be put into circulation this year to pay tribute to the efforts of doctors, nurses and other members of the healthcare community during the corona virus outbreak. Federal Finance Minister Vincent van Bedekem (CD&V) unveiled the look of the new coins this Wednesday at the University of Kent Hospital.

A tribute was received very coldly among the main interested parties. “After this announcement we saw many reactions of anger and tensionMartin, the head nurse at a large Brussels hospital, laments. We are currently facing a severe shortage of gravity in the industry, the various budgets that have been published are not enough and we can speak pure cynicism if we know that the staff needs to be improved at the end of its rope. The feeling that emerges is that we do not need currencies, we need investment in an entire sector, which is completely worn out and ignored by our government.

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