The Marvels are on track for the worst opening weekend in MCU history as the Brie Larson film flops at the box office

Wonders It earned the unfortunate title of worst opening weekend in the 32-film history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after a dismal first few days of takeovers in the US.

Written and directed by Nia DaCosta, Wonders It is a follow-up to 2019 Captain Marvel, which saw Brie Larson star as the titular superhero. I joined her Ms. Marvel Star Iman Falani, and WandaVisionTeyonah parris.

The film was expected to debut to a low box office, with fans complaining of “Marvel fatigue” (which the franchise peaked with in 2019). Avengers: Endgame It has led to market saturation ever since.) However, some early reviewers were “pleasantly surprised” by the film.

However, that was not enough to save Wonders From getting lost. The film opened on Friday (November 10), taking in $21.5m (£17.5m) at the US box office on its first day, the second-lowest opening day for an MCU film. Over the entire weekend, DaCosta’s film earned just $47m (£38m) in the US.

This is a situation Wonders at the low end of estimated domestic takings based on Friday sales, and gave it the worst US opening weekend of any MCU film against an estimated $220m (£179m) budget. These numbers were actually lower than the film’s expected box office numbers, which were originally $75 million to $80 million (£61 million to £65 million) but dropped last week to $60 to $65 million (£49 million to 53 million pounds sterling).

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The takings are some way off the previous lowest US opening for any Marvel film, which was in 2008 The amazing structure When it grossed $55.4 million (£45.3 million) in its first weekend (although this amount has not been adjusted for inflation). In close second place was ant Manwhich took in $57.2 million (£46.8 million) in its opening weekend in 2015.

While some critics praised aspects of… Wondersothers described it as a “disjointed mess” of a film with a “rushed” final act that feels as if there are missing scenes.

Larson returns to play Captain Marvel in The Marvels


However, in her four-star review of The IndependentFilm critic Clarice Loughrey was more generous, describing the film as “wonderful.”

“Marvel has reached a crisis point, caught in a lightning storm of its own making, its profits dwindling in the face of exploitative labor practices and overcrowded production lines,” she wrote. “So, isn’t it ironic that the project in which the studio has publicly shown the least faith is the one that provides the blueprint for their survival?”

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Once unstoppable, the MCU reached dizzying heights in 2019, when Avengers: Endgame It became the highest-grossing film of all time (surpassed by the previous titleholder). symbol picture When the film was re-released in China in 2021).

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Since then, there have been several attempts to introduce new characters and create new franchises, spin-off television shows, and sequel films. However, these have largely failed to reach the previous highs but on a monetary and commercial level.

In 2023, Marvel entered “Phase 5” of its releases with a Paul Rudd sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Obsession. Unfortunately, the film set a new negative milestone for the franchise, becoming the lowest-scoring MCU film on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 It followed months later and fared better with critics, with Loughery declaring it “the best Marvel film in years.” However, both films performed well at the box office, taking in $106 million (£86 million) and $118 million (£96 million) in their respective opening weekends.

Wonders In cinemas now.

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