The man is saved from being shot in the best way

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asked the Daily Union Twitter account, Elections Syndicate World In a recent tweet“Union mates, what’s the best grievance/[Unfair Labor Practice] that you won before? And the world responded in kind. As a proud person union girl by myselfI thought few stories stood up Outsidebut one came out above the rest – a worker accused of gaming while working, who was saved because the work computer’s graphics card was too weak.

“One member was accused of playing video games on his work computer,” said the union’s organizing director Eric Strobel said. “I secured his vindication by conclusively proving that the graphics card my employer provided couldn’t handle the resource-hungry game his supervisor claimed he saw.”

“If you are accused of being a gamer, then you have to solve the problem like you are a player.” said one commenter. Other people have tried to guess the game.

Dwarf castle?? ” He said one reply. “She was sims“,” said another“There are no computers designed for that game.”

“He was playing this new one.” Call of duty Shit!'” Imagine a commenter. Gerald, the new Call of duty Minimum GTX 960 required. This government PC has the performance of a weary artist in his seventh cup of coffee. “

But, no, the fictional Gerald was way more off base than you’d expect. The worker wasn’t even playing a game, but he was watching a “game review at halftime (which is a good thing)”, Strobel explained“But he was accused of installing unauthorized third-party software on a government computer (which he 100% didn’t do, and as I explained, couldn’t have done it). Not to misuse time or state property.”

Apparently, this wasn’t the only time someone’s supervisor was unsure what exactly a video game was — “I once had a supervisor tease me for playing a game,” said another Twitter user. “It was a YouTube video that was playing while the data was crashing on the other screen.”

Yes, this is my favorite game. Youtube.

Do you have any great union stories?

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