The Israel-Gaza War: The Peak of Hamas’ Popularity and the Clear Rejection of President Mahmoud Abbas

Not consent to murder

Does this poll mean that Palestinians applaud the massacre of civilians by Hamas on October 7? No, according to Walid Ladadwa. Studies conducted immediately after the attack showed that the move did not change popular support for Hamas.

Still, 72% of Palestinians believe the October 7 attack was the end “okay” of Hamas. A The majority believe it is a “Settler Attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, Against Palestinian Citizens and Freeing Prisoners from Israeli Jails”. Nine in ten believe Hamas did not commit war crimes on this occasion.

The head of the intelligence service notes that support for Hamas is now on the rise amid a deadly offensive by the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip. “After the war in Gaza began, support for Hamas increased with deaths and destruction. This is what skyrocketed Hamas’ popularity, not the October 7 operation.

Sympathy for Gaza

The rise in popularity of Hamas is mainly explained by its solidarity with the residents of Gaza, considering the number of deaths, massacres and forced displacements that have occurred. This aroused strong feelings of sympathy for Hamas, and opposition in general“, adds Walid Ladadwa.

More broadly, Palestinians are deeply disillusioned with the peace process launched in Oslo. “Support for armed action and resistance increases every time Palestinians see the peace process as futile and not serving their cause.Walid Ladadwa explains. Thus, the prevailing view is that Palestinian rights can only be achieved through armed action and resistance.

80% of Palestinians think the Authority is corrupt. However, no change occurred, no pressure was applied.

This rejection of the peace process is logically coupled with the rejection of the resulting Palestinian Authority administration. “Palestinians have for years viewed the Palestinian Authority as powerless and weakThe researcher continues. They demanded the resignation of Mahmoud Abbas and a fundamental change within the governing body. 80% of them think that power is corrupt. However, no change has taken place, no pressure has been applied by the Americans, Europeans or any other party to bring about a change in the Palestinian reality.

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Most Palestinians now believe that only Hamas can improve their situation.

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