The Israel-Gaza War: Famine as a Weapon of War

Palestinians in Gaza are dying not just from bombs, but now from the effects of hunger. There are increasing reports of famine in the Palestinian territories. This will be a deliberate strategy by the Israeli authorities in their war against the Islamist movement Hamas. It emphasizes the same NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW).

“Israel commits war crimes” According to Ahmed Benchemsi, HRW Middle East spokesman. “Starving a people, besieging and starving them as a means of achieving military objectives is a war crime. It is absolutely illegal and unacceptable for whatever purpose it is used.”

General statements

The organization pointed out that Israeli authorities have publicly announced their intention to deprive civilians of food, water and fuel in Gaza. These statements are reflected in Israeli military operations on the ground.

Ahmed Benchemsi quotes three Israeli ministers, including Defense Minister Yohav Galand: “When the feud broke out he said: 'We will impose a total blockade on Gaza. There will be no – He listed it on his fingers – No electricity, no food, no water, no fuel, nothing. It's over.' He added: 'We are dealing with human animals. That's how we should behave.

Day without eating

Kazans are usually required to go without food for the whole day. According to the World Food Programme, half of the population suffers from acute or severe hunger. Agencies are now trying to bring High Energy CookiesUsed in emergencies in famine areas.

In hospitals visited by WHO officials, patients die not only from lack of medical facilities but also from hunger and thirst. “Everywhere I go in Gaza, everyone I talk to is hungry”Sean Casey, Coordinator of WHO Emergency Medicine Teams explains. “We are dealing with starving people, adults, children. It is unbearable. People are asking for food even in the hospital. In the emergency department, someone with an open wound and bleeding is asking for food..”

It was not the conditions of the war that drove the people toward famine, but the deliberate desire of the Israeli government to cut off supplies to these people.

“It is absolutely illegal for people to thirst and starve to achieve a military objective, whatever that may be.”An HRW spokesperson underlines. “It is also illegal to hold hostages. This is also a war crime. We demand that Hamas immediately and unconditionally release all of them. But this release is conditional on the provision of food, water and water” Electricity for 2 million people Acknowledge that we are collectively punishing them. It was not the conditions of the war that accelerated the people toward famine, but the deliberate desire of the Israeli government to cut food for these people.

The 41 km long Gaza Strip is not self-sufficient: it always needs food imports. Since the Hamas conflict broke out on October 7, only 10% of the food needed has entered the territory.

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Prohibited assistance

Ahmed Benjhemsi believes that Israel is blocking the entry of humanitarian aid through the Rafah crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip: “Trucks entering through Rafah must first pass through another Israeli border post. It's a very complicated process: pass through this border post, get checked, come out, go to Egypt and return through Rafah. All of this is under the close control of the Israelis. Without their cooperation, nothing happens. , they bombed Rafa earlier and they might bomb it again. So it's completely at their mercy.

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