The FF7 spin-off game you haven't played has a lot to do with Rebirth

Young Sephiroth standing in front of a fire.

picture: Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII It has become difficult to trace its various branches and media over the years. These days, they're all numbered Final fantasy It seems like an extended universe unto itself. Final Fantasy XV I got full film And Anime mini series Before it ends, both are heavily factored into the main story. Final Fantasy 7 It wasn't like that when it was released in 1997, but it has become an extended universe with many spin-off games, filmAnd now A remake Triple Those stories factor into the plot in important ways. This is true of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which will be launched on February 29. There's an occasional game you probably haven't played that you should brush up on before diving in: Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier And for her Crisis ever Chapters.

We won't get into the weeds on how to do this First soldier factors in New birthThe story of the game, but if you don't remember the game, it was an ill-fated battle royale It extended from 2021 to 2023. It is set several years before the events of FF7, and they had SOLDIER candidates fighting against each other in a simulation. The game is over now, but it's still alive Final Fantasy VII: Ever CrisisAnd mobile and computer gacha A game that retells events Final Fantasy 7Various spin-offs.

the First soldier Seasons is an original story that follows the characters in the Battle Royale game. Its main staff includes SOLDIER recruits GlennMatt, Lucia, and a young version of the series' antagonist Sephiroth. Without diving into spoilers, we can confirm that the events… First soldier The seasons are not related New birthand it seems that it will have a ripple effect on the third game that Square Enix is ​​working on to complete the game remake Triple.

If you are trying to get caught by New birth Absolutely, the simplest thing you can do is watch First soldier Chapters on YouTube or find a summary of events online. When it became clear during my New birth Play through it Crisis ever And First soldier I watched as they took into account things YouTuber sector 6 summaries From the first five chapters to learn about the material. So far the story is incomplete Crisis ever“The chapters are still being published. But there is enough for you to get an idea of ​​how the events will play out Crisis ever' First soldier Chapters that will lead to things unfolding in New birth.

After you clean your hair Final Fantasy 7 Science, check it out Clear your PlayStation 5's hard drive space And Read about our fighting tips So you have to be prepared for New birth When it launches on February 29.

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