The Disappearances of Emily and Lena: A Connection Between the Two Cases?

A teenager who went missing in Alsace in September 2023 and a three-year-old child who went missing in Haute-Vernet on July 8. The disappearances of Lina and little Emil continue to make headlines. For good reason, investigators found no trace of the two men. The Research Units (SR) of Marseille and Strasbourg have reportedly decided to cooperate by sharing some information and working methods. Our colleagues from BMFTV. Both SRs go so far as to check whether there are common elements.

Lena's disappearance: Teen complains of two-year-old men being raped

To date, if no concrete lead has been possible to establish a connection between the two events, an interesting element has emerged from the collection. Strasbourg investigators worked the telephone terminals and received information at the time of Emil's disappearance. The same information is not far from the neighborhood where Lena disappeared. However, the exact place and time of the girl's disappearance was not mentioned. In other words, the same person would have been identified at the phone terminals where Emily disappeared and not far from the area where Lena was last seen.

However, we should be careful about this code, as a source on the file points out to BFMTV: “There is nothing relevant about it. No wonder. People have more mobility than we think. A driver passing through Digne in July can pass through Strasbourg in September without engaging in these disappearances.

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