The Day Before developer apologizes for marketing ahead of the game’s release

Fntastic, the developer of zombie MMO The Day Before, has apologized for its marketing ahead of the game’s release later this week.

The developer shared a statement shared on X, previously Twitter, directed at future players, supporters, and people who “didn’t believe in us.”

“We made this game for you too. We accept any kind of criticism and we don’t hold a grudge against you,” Fntastic told the latter.

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He continued, “Please forgive us for not doing the best with marketing and teasers. We are learning something new and improving ourselves every day.

“Please don’t accuse us of fraud; that’s not true. We haven’t taken a penny from anyone.

“Please don’t accuse us of switching assets; that’s not true either. Our team has worked day and night for five years to make our dream game a reality.

“Please don’t underestimate our work; it wasn’t easy. We’re like you; we worked hard. We’re so happy that our game will finally see the light for everyone to explore.”

The statement aims to set the record straight ahead of the previous day’s release on December 7.

The game’s development has been embroiled in controversy. After several delays and little information about the MMO, Fntastic was forced to dismiss suggestions that the game was a scam. This came after criticism that the studio employed unpaid volunteers.

Later in 2023, the game was removed from Steam after a bizarre trademark dispute with a calendar app of the same name.

Will be released the previous day on steam In early access for $39.

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