The big update for Pokemon Scarlett and Violet is the deletion of save files

picture: Nintendo / Kotaku

Scarlet Pokemon And Violet It was launched into an incredibly rough state last November, and it appears that latest patch Present a bigger problem to the players. Fans run reddit I mentioned that contacting pokemon go app or Download DLC It caused them to lose their entire save files.

Here’s the worst part: There’s no single reason for this save-corrupting bug. Some people lose hundreds of hours of progress afterward sync game with pokemon go, A new feature that allows players to send postcards to each other. others erased by downloading the DLC. Someone else just lost the luster from buying DLC. One person Did all of the above and was able to send multiple postcards before the save file got corrupted. There was lucky A few from he did not do Having trouble either sending postcards or downloading DLC, but some players Lost hundreds of the Shiny Pokémon after the save file is corrupted.

According to one reddit The user who encountered a save error had their copy still playable when they created a new Switch profile, and they chose it out of fear that their original profile might be gone forever if they played on their first profile. The game will not recognize a damaged save file, and even use a save recovery road did not I worked at OP.

Some players have tried contacting Nintendo Support to get their Pokémon back. One support agent He reportedly told one player that the publisher was “looking into it” before closing his ticket. Another redditorA customer service representative for The Pokémon Company reportedly brought up the ability to move Pokémon from the corrupted save to Pokémon Home (an app that allows you to send your Pokémon to the cloud) once compatibility kicks in.

Kotaku I reached out to ask Nintendo if a fix was coming soon but had not received a response by the time of publication.

This bug seems to have only affected a few people, but it could theoretically hit anyone. And there isn’t much we know about this bug, so no matter how excited you are about carmine And Violet Pre-order bonuses It might be best to hold off on purchasing DLC ​​until Nintendo acknowledges the issue and fixes it.

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