The Bears want $2.3 billion in public funding for the new stadium project

The Bears on Wednesday will unveil plans to build a new stadium in Chicago. the Chicago Tribune It revealed the financial aspects of the proposed deal.

According to the report, the total project (stadium and infrastructure) It will cost $4.6 billion. Bears are willing to cover half, while public funds cover the other half.

The stadium is expected to cost $3.2 billion. The cost of improving the infrastructure is expected to reach $1.4 billion.

Obviously, the final numbers will likely be higher. (They're never less.)

Those details and more are expected at Wednesday's news conference, which likely didn't happen accidentally a day before the Bears are set to make quarterback Caleb Williams the first overall pick in the draft. The Bears also have the ninth overall pick on Thursday.

The Bears have been looking at potential sites outside of Chicago. More recently, the focus has been on the city, with a new fixed-roof venue that will generate year-round revenue.

It won't be easy. It definitely won't be cheap. And it always continues to go up — especially in an era when the NFL seems to make more of its money through television rather than in-person attendance.

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