The atmosphere flared up after Washington National Team player Steve Lindor of the New York Mets with a helmet

WASHINGTON – Empty seats during the New York Mets-Washington Nationals game Friday night after the Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor He was hit in a helmet batting pitch, the second such incident in the first two days of the season.

While Lindor was lying face-down in the batter box, Mets manager Buck Showalter emerged from the bunker, angry a day after the first base officer Alonso’s house It was left to bleed on a high, tight tone. As Showalter shouted toward the citizens’ pitcher Steve Schick, players and staff were streaming from dugout and revolts before the referees dismissed them. No punches were thrown.

Lindor, who hit an 88-mph shock on the C-flap portion of his helmet with the goal of protecting players from severe injury on the field, quickly stood up but later left the match. Cishek was fired.

An X-ray of Lindor’s jaw was negative and he passed a concussion test.

“I’m not happy with that,” Showalter said, watching the opening day’s game in which three Mets players were injured, although he added ahead of Friday’s game that he did not expect any lingering effects.

That changed at the top of the fifth, when Lindor patted the ball and took Cesek off the second court after entering the game to replace the Nationals player. Josiah Gray. Lindor, the franchisee who signed a $341 million deal with the Mets last season, fell to the ground and twisted when a field microphone picked up a voice saying, “Oh my God.”

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Cishek’s surprise at his expulsion was palpable. He summoned the judges, saying, “He rose up to strike… What do you want me to do about it?”

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