The Ark series is showing on Paramount+

Paramount+, the home of the big budget aura Live TV series, betting on another video game property.

The Paramount Global-powered streamer will be home to ark: The Animated Series, Which is based on the famous adventure video game Astronomy: Survival Evolved. The first six episodes of the animated series, which features an all-star voice cast including Michelle Yeoh and Vin Diesel, were released on March 21 on the platform. The second part of the season will begin with its seven episodes at a date to be determined on Paramount+.

the Astronomy The series adaptation was first announced in 2020 as production on the show began without a live broadcast of its release. The show is described as “a sweeping saga spanning eras of human history. When 21st-century paleontologist Helena Walker (Madeleine Madden) finds herself resurrected on a mysterious primitive island inhabited by prehistoric monsters, she must learn how to survive.” With new allies across time, while trying to uncover the true nature of their strange new world.

The cast also includes Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, David Tennant, Jeffrey Wright, and Elliot Page.

the Astronomy The game was launched in 2015 by Studio Wildcard and sold over a million units in its first month alone.

the Astronomy The animated series is produced by Lost Continent Entertainment and Lex + Otis. Game directors Jeremy Stiglitz and Jesse Rabczak are producing the game, as well as Mark Diana, Doug Kennedy, Jay Oliva, James Baldance, Diesel, Samantha Vincent, Butler, Alan Siegel and Crowe executive produce. Stiglitz, Oliva, David Hartman, and Sebastian Montes directed the series, which was co-written by Margaret Bennett and Kendall Deacon Davis. ARK: Survival Evolution It is the original creation of the game developer.

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Paramount+ has spent years working on this project aura TV series, with a second season of the show recently debuting on the service. Video game adaptations, such as HBO The last of us, has become increasingly popular because it provides a built-in fan base of dedicated players as well as being a reliable source of IP that has already proven its success. Paramount+ is simply licensed Astronomyrather than signing on as a co-producer, so the swing isn't as big.

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