“That day she was the princess she always wanted to be.”

Lyndsey McKeown, 35, was diagnosed with cancer and refused to live the moment she always dreamed of getting rid of the disease. She married Daniel last week in Dublin, Ireland in front of her family and friends, reports the Irish Mirror.

Mother tragically died four days after that magical day. In addition to this tragedy, the family who lost him will have to face a new trial because they will be homeless. Their loved ones have created a kitty to help them.

“Everyone is devastated by his death. Lindsay was an incredible person and that’s why everyone loved her,” says Sharon Ogden, a friend of the couple. “I used to call her Mother Teresa in a tracksuit because she was so kind to everyone. »

It was only in February that Lindsay received the dreaded diagnosis: cervical cancer. But it was in May that his health deteriorated. “She kept complaining of pain in her shoulder. When they did a full body scan, she had a huge tumor at the back of her stomach,” says her friend. “Over the last three weeks, it had spread to her intestines. Because she was young and wanted to give her some quality of life they did an operation but unfortunately she got very sick this week. »

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The only consolation from those close to Lindsay is that she was able to live her marriage as she dreamed. “She had the best day and the princess she always wanted to be. »

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