Tensor G3 in the Pixel 8 could improve heat issues

Google Tensor has had a somewhat rough history, but things are looking brighter for the upcoming third generation. Along with improvements to Samsung’s manufacturing, a new rumor suggests that the Tensor G3 will adopt a new packaging method to prevent the chip from accumulating too much heat and to operate more efficiently overall.

In its efforts so far, Google’s Tensor chips for Pixel phones have been a mixed bag. Performance didn’t lag much, but issues with the modem and general efficiency led to poor signal, poor battery life, and being particularly easy to overheat. It’s a problem that Google needs to solve, because it’s hurting the company’s phones, as we explained in our Google Pixel Fold review.

Set to debut on the Pixel 8 next month, the Google Tensor G3 is rumored to offer a new core design and more modern hardware which could alone bring some improvements, especially with the improvements Samsung is said to have made to its manufacturing process. But, according to @Tech_Reve On Twitter/Xthere may be more in store.

The Google Tensor G3 will allegedly use the FO-WLP packaging method, a first for Samsung’s Foundry. “Cool-in wafer-level packaging” was developed to help create a smaller overall footprint while improving thermal performance. It was first reported that Samsung is adopting the new method by Digi Times After recruiting a TSMC veteran.

If this is true could Do your best to improve the overall sound tone of the Tensor G3, as the problem most people have with the chip, realistically, is its tendency to overheat. This is something that is especially noticeable in hot summer temperatures This year witnessed These temperatures continue to rise.

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Google is set to fully unveil the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, powered by Tensor G3, on October 4. However, the company has already given us a sneak peek at both devices as well as the Pixel Watch 2.

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