Teddy Bridgewater: New NFL concussion protocol caused Miami Dolphins QB to be removed on Sunday, team says


Miami Dolphins quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had a huge hit on Sunday and was unable to return to the game due to The new concussion protocol which took effect on the same day, making Bridgewater one of the first players to be sidelined under the new rules.

Bridgewater suffered a blow to the head During his first shot of the game When he is thrown to the ground after the ball is thrown. dolphins chirp He was evaluated for injuries to his head and elbow and later announced that he was disqualified from the match.

“What happened is that a swindler saw it [Bridgewater] “He has no symptoms and has passed his evaluation but will now, under the new regulations, be on the concussion protocol,” said Mike McDaniel, Dolphins’ technical director.

Bridgewater had started in place of Tua Tagovailoa, which was also put into the concussion protocol.

CNN has reached out to the Miami Dolphins for more information. The National Football League uses ATC Monitors, who are certified independent sports coaches, to monitor all matches. The monitors “act as another set of eyes, keeping an eye on potential injuries at every NFL game,” he said. NFL Football Operations.

Stumbling is considered a sign of ataxia because it indicates impaired motor function. The union defines ataxia as “an imbalance/stability, motor coordination, or speech impairment due to a neurological problem.”

Modify the previously announced protocol NFL The NFL Player’s Association said Saturday that a player who shows signs of ataxia during a concussion evaluation will be barred from returning to the game.

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The protocols were updated, Saturday, in an agreement between the league and the NFL, in response to Tagovailoa’s injury. The 24-year-old was injured during the September 25 game against the Buffalo Bills, but was able to return to playing Although he looked awkward to his feet and tripped over himself.

Four days later, on September 29, Tagoviloa was knocked to the ground by Cincinnati Bengals defensive line Josh Topo. The player’s arms and fingers immediately drifted into a horrific position known as the “fencing response,” a sign of a brain injury, and he lay motionless on the field for several minutes.

He was eventually placed on a backboard and a stretcher and taken to hospital, where he was diagnosed with a concussion.

The NFLPA launched a review in dealing with Tagovailoa’s injury and Unaffiliated trauma consultant finished who participated in the assessment of Tagovailoa concussion.

In the wake of the Tagovailoa saga, more players were disqualified from matches.

Nihem Heinzthe Indianapolis Colts who was running back, was disqualified for the remainder of Thursday’s game against the Denver Broncos due to a concussion. Pat FreermouthPittsburgh Steelers tight end, was disqualified from Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills. Chris Olafa wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints, was also disqualified from Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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