Taylor Swift and Usher's performance resurfaces amid the Super Bowl

TSuper Bowl LVIII will see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers for the all-important Vince Lombardi Trophy. The buzz is building during the halftime show, as music icon Usher will deliver his highly anticipated performance at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is also another person whose presence has caused a lot of controversy, although it has not yet been confirmed. This of course is Taylor Swift. The singer, who was named TIME's Person of the Year for 2023, is dating Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce, and has become somewhat of a fixture at NFL games over the past few months.

Swift performed in Tokyo on Saturday, February 10, on the Japanese leg of her hugely successful Eras Tour. Japan is 17 hours ahead of Pacific Time. Swift has reportedly since Her return journey began To the United States to attend the Super Bowl. On February 2, the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C Issue a statementurging fans not to worry, as Swift will be able to complete her concert Saturday night and still make it to the Super Bowl on Sunday, thanks to the time difference.

However, it seems that Swift's mere appearance isn't enough for everyone, as some fans are inviting her to be a special guest during Usher's halftime show. The singer has never performed in the big game before, and while it may seem like a surprise duet, given the fact that Usher and Swift have never released a single together, it turns out they Owns Duo on stage before.

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A clip has resurfaced showing Usher joining Swift on stage in 2011 during her “Speak Now” tour. The duo performed Usher's 2004 hit song “Yes!” at Philips Arena (now called State Farm Arena) in Atlanta. Swift, wearing a purple dress (a color synonymous with her talk now era), takes on some of the “Yes!” The rap verses, instead of the track's featured artists, are Lil Jon and Ludacris.

Fans on TikTok shared old video footage of the performance, expressing hope that the two would reunite on stage at the Super Bowl.

One Tik Tok clip, which has been viewed more than a million times, states: “The 2024 halftime show is like…” over footage of Usher and Swift performing. “In my wildest dreams, to be honest,” the user captioned the video, referring to Swift's 2014 hit song “Wildest Dreams.”

Another account Share your snaps with caption: “Do you think Taylor will perform with Usher at halftime of the Super Bowl?”

And in another one A TikTok user shared the clipwriting: “Who's ready for Super Bowl Sunday? How great would it be if it was [Taylor] Did you get on stage with Usher?”

“This is it How I imagine the Super Bowl halftime show Going!” another user posted. While one fan wrote: “Viewpoint: T-Swizzle at the halftime show“.

You can watch the resurfaced clip making the rounds among upbeat Swifties on TikTok below.

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