Taylor Lautner’s wife, Taylor, shares a 2010 photo of meeting her ex-husband – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift celebrated the release of her latest album re-recording “Speak Now (Taylor Version)” flanked by a large group of Taylors.

Taylor Lautner, who briefly dated Swift in the 2000smade a special appearance at her July 7 show in Kansas City, Missouri – On his way back on stage — as well as in her new music video.

Lautner was his special guest at the concert and behind the scenes of the video — his wife, Taylor, or Ty, Lautner.

Tai, her maiden name is Dom, Instagram took over July 8th To thank Swift for the experience as a long term fan. In the post, Tay Lautner shared photos of her and Swift from 2023 and 2010 — 13 years apart.

“Everything @taylorlautner said last night on stage is so true,” Ty Lautner wrote in a caption. Her husband’s tender words refer to the singer. “taylorswift, you are not only one of the most talented people to walk this earth (you really don’t think there is anything you can’t do) but you are also one of the kindest people.”

The first photo — “A Tale of Three Taylors,” if you will — shows Taylor Lautner, his wife, and Swift on set Music Video for “I Can See You (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)” which premiered on July 7.

In the video, Taylor Lautner helps Swift rescue Trapped in a basement and retrieve her Speak Now album, a symbolic reference to her efforts to Re-recording her previous albums to own it herself.

Then, in a photo from 2010, a young Ty Lautner poses with Swift as a fan meets the singer, proudly wearing a “Team Taylor” tank top.

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Taylor Dom Lautner with Taylor Swift in 2010 (Instagram)

In the caption, Tai Lautner wrote that she was “honored” to now call Swift’s boyfriend.

She wrote, “You welcomed my husband and I to your camp with open arms and the warmest heart.” “The way you are so down to earth and authentic after all these years of being in the spotlight is an inspiration.”

Lautner duo Married November 11, 2022a year after their engagement.

In addition to being a longtime fan of Swift, Tay Lautner has an ex She revealed that she had a childhood crush Taylor Lautner’s rival in “Twilight” was Edward Cullen, and he was played by Robert Pattinson.

The newlyweds also co-host the podcast “The Squeeze,” which focuses on mental health.

In May, the pair appeared on TODAY to discuss the joint project and Share how their family members recognize themNow that they have the same first and last name.

“Yeah, we have a Tay-boy, Tay-girl kind of going on. That’s how they tell us apart,” she said. “But now I’m always Tay’s girl, and he’s always Tay’s boy — even when we’re not together.”

Now, in the wake of the epic Taylor crossover on July 7, fans think they should add one more “Ty” to their podcast list.

“Taylor cubes podcast episode?” An Instagram user commented on Ty Lautner’s post.

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