Target toasted Black Friday banners covering the exact same prices


Grilled Black Friday banners…

What kinda deal is this?!?

TikTokers hit Target to prove that the department store’s Black Friday deals may not be what they seem — with some sticker prices appearing to be equal…no matter what day it is.

There’s a viral trend on the app right now — specifically, Gen Z members going to their local Paul’s Center and delving into the Black Friday sales that were going on yesterday. And based on what they pick up…they seem to indicate that smart marketing is afoot.

Watch the video and you’ll see what we mean… In at least three cases, people remove the “Black Friday Deals” banner – which contains a single price – and reveal the price tag hidden in the background. In the examples shown here, they are the same.

One of the girls ran into a pallet of televisions, and the Black Friday price was pegged at $429. But when you remove the holiday rate card, the regular card behind it has an identical number. In other words, it suggests that there’s no real deal here… just new cards.

Another man does something similar, but in the clothing section… where he displays a price tag for a pair of pants – which then shows that their price has risen from $25 to $30… so, the man is implying the goal of manipulating prices to make… It’s like people are saving.

While most people are aware of this – companies adjusting prices and signage to take advantage of the holiday – these young people seem to think they’ve discovered Watergate! 😅

We’ve reached out to Target for comment on this matter — but there’s not much to say besides… Hello everyone to Capitalism. Now, go buy some more new stuff and be happy, dammit!

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