SUV parking prices tripled in Paris, Brussels

In France, nearly 55% of Parisians approved the mayor's proposal to implement special SUV pricing. Parking charges for these types of vehicles are three times higher. It polled just over 5% of Parisians. This applies to thermal or hybrid vehicles weighing more than 6 tonnes or electric vehicles weighing more than 2 tonnes. Residents and professionals will not be affected by the move, which will come into effect from September 1.

And at home?

Could such a move see the light of day here? The city of Brussels is considering limiting the presence of these vehicles. Several avenues are currently being explored.

Because in Brussels car parks, it is almost impossible not to come across an SUV, a sport utility vehicle. They are often large and heavy. “Are we going to be charged again because we have a bigger car?“, asks a driver.”I don't find this normal.

Big families have no choice but to have a big car“, indicates another motorist.

Nothing was decided in Brussels

In Brussels, nothing has been decided, but avenues are being explored. “The problem is based on where it is used“, explains LK van den Brandt, Minister of Movement and Public Works in Brussels.”But our view of road safety, the weight of vehicles and children. We have to find solutions for that.”

Among the options being considered are raising parking prices, as in Paris, or banning pick-ups in the capital. Experts will give their opinion by the end of March. Louvain and Ghent want to limit these cars. In Wallonia, road tax already takes into account the vehicle's weight and its CO2 emissions.

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