Survivor Season 43 – Updates on the Casting & Release Date

CBS renewed Survivor TV show for its 2022-23 broadcast season.

The contract to keep Survivor on the network has been renewed, a move which is expected. Survivor still remains one of the network’s most popular unscripted selections. Casting for Survivor Season 43 has already begun before this announcement was made.

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor, a reality show that is shot over 26 days in Fiji. It had 18 contestants who battled against each other in three teams for a $1 million reward and the title of Sole Survivor: VATI Tribe (Green), TAKU Tribe (Orange), and IKA Tribe (Blue).

In this castaway, we meet Jenny Kim, Chanelle Howell, Lydia Meredith, Mike Turner, Daniel Strunk, Hai Giang, Marya Sherron, Lindsay Dolashewich, Maryanne Oketch, Jackson Fox and Jonathan Young.

About Survivor

Survivor is considered CBS number one broadcast show, with 7.59 million viewers for the fall season. The show saw a rating increase of 199% on streaming platforms according to CBS, and is now their most-streamed reality series on Paramount+.

In the show, a group of strangers are isolated, and they must provision themselves by getting food and fire along with shelter. In exchange, they compete in activities that challenge their physical abilities, like running and swimming. These activities also challenge their mental abilities like puzzles, endurance trials.

The game gradually eliminates the contestants until only one remains – Sole Survivor who wins $1 million.

How to be a part of Survivor Season 43

Presenter Ricard Foyé wants you to apply to be on Survivor now, what with the new season starting. Jeff Probst offers some advice about how to apply for Survivor.

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Survivors must be sixteen years of age or older and hold a valid US or Canadian passport. Those individuals who complete the application in its entirety will receive phone calls after CBS is interested in moving them on to the next casting phase.

There will be too many applicants in the form of videos to personally contact each person. If a person is already on Survivor, then they should make a new video and apply for future seasons.

The filming and application process is always draining for the student actors, who must submit new videos for each casting session.

Survivor Season 43 Release Date

Survivor will return for a 43rd season in the Month of September 2022, Also another suprise is that Amazing Race and Survivor might be paired together for this season.

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