Supplementary Ghostbusters dress-up set includes the original movie’s clever easter egg

as the next production Ghostbusters The sequel continues today in New York City, we’ve just received a few new photos, showing more of the slightly updated look of Ecto-1 and a clever easter egg housed in some select bandages.

Ghostbusters News Reader @employee He gave us a feature today, confirming that filming took place on Chambers Street, which resulted in a somewhat familiar location within Ghostbusters Universe, City Hall.

In the images, a much clearer shot is given of the Ecto’s red rim detail, which now extends to the front of the car. The roof rack also looks a little different from what was seen yesterday, with the dome-like tool apparently removed.

While we now know, thanks to yesterday’s BBC One interview with Dan Aykroyd, the newcomer to the franchise James Exeter will be “One of the developers of new equipment” In this new iteration, we’re still in the dark when it comes to any of the car’s unique new features.

In an unexpected easter egg, we have to admit there’s a crazy deep cut, bikes, and sidewalks on display. “Manhattan City Bank,” The fictitious financial institution that was used in the original 1984 comic where Ray Stantz was mentioned to have taken out a third mortgage to help finance Ghostbusters.

It’s set to hit theaters December 20, 2023, be sure to keep checking out Ghostbusters News and Our YouTube channel All week, as with Ghostbusters It starts Thursday, and we’ll likely expect some big reveal and announcements.

If you missed yesterday’s NYC coverage, catch it here, and to catch up on Dan Aykroyd’s recent comments, we’ve got just that for you.

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