Suns vs Warriors: Klay Thompson sent off for the first time in his career in 134-105 Golden State loss to Phoenix


Star shooting guard Klay Thompson has been fired for the first time in a long time NBA His career in the Golden State Warriors’ Stormy 134-105 defeat against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday.

In the third quarter of a sweet loss to The Suns, Thompson and Devin Booker of Phoenix could be seen exchanging words with each other as nerves ignited.

According to Booker after the game, Thompson repeatedly gloated over Booker that he had four NBA rings in which the two chests hit each other and were going back and forth on each other. The Suns have reached the NBA Finals three times in franchise history, but have yet to win an NBA title.

Both received technical errors as a result of the conflict. Thompson reacted furiously to the referees, receiving a second technical foul and later sending him out of the match.

Thompson’s first expulsion was in the 796th regular season of the NBA and post-season games.

After he was sent off, his teammate Steve Curry and one of the team’s assistant coaches were forced to five times.

As he exits the field, Thompson can be seen pointing his hand while looking at the Suns bench, repeating the point he was apparently making to Booker.

Booker told the media afterward that he liked the bullshit, saying the two were “competitors.”

“I love Klay Thompson. I have it for a really long time. But that won’t excuse us from competing and talking to each other,” Booker explained. “I have always admired his game, how he plays on both ends of the ball. Obviously, the episodes speak for themselves.”

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At the time of Thompson’s expulsion, the Warriors were only six points behind. However, the Suns controlled the match from that point and Golden State was unable to close the gap below 12 points for the remainder of the match.

Seven technical fouls were handed out in the third quarter of the fiery bout, including Phoenix players Chris Paul, Dender Eaton and the Warriors forward. Draymond Green Coach Steve Kerr.

“I think both teams want it. I don’t think it’s personal at all. I think we just respect them. They are the champions,” Suns coach Monty Williams He said.

“So they’re going to get our best because they’re the best, so I think a lot of feelings are just about the competition. We don’t take it personally at all, we understand better that once all of these things happen we have to get back to focusing on the competition and trying to win.” in the game”.

Booker deals the ball against Curry during the first half of a game in Phoenix on October 25.

Tuesday’s game was full of passion and hostility, and it felt like a playoff late in the season.

In the midst of trash talk and heated exchanges, the Suns used a great second half – including a 15-1 run – to drive away the defending champions.

Booker led the way for the Suns with 34 points and seven assists, while Miles Bridges and Jock Landal each contributed 17 points.

Curry led the Warriors with 21 points, seven rebounds and eight assists, while Jordan Paul added 17 points and five assists off the bench.

With both teams playing just four games in the new season, the Suns improved to a record 3-1 while the Warriors dropped to 2-2.

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