Still rocking post-game scribbles after Brown lost to the Gates – Terry Pluto

Cleveland, Ohio: Scribble in my notebook next Brown lost 31-30 aircraft:

1. It’s a side issue, but it still bothers me. After Brown’s defense gave up 14 points in the last 115 seconds of play, Miles Jarrett complained of crowd boos. really? Yes, he really did. He said: “The disappointing thing is tI finally booed. This wasn’t the perfect ending…we have plenty of time to correct what we’re doing. We don’t want to see this crowd, this stadium give up on us early. We want them right behind us.”

2. To be fair with Jarrett, he also talked about the need for players to look at themselves. The same for coaches. He didn’t blame the fans for the loss. But this wasn’t the time for him to say a word about fans, other than promising customers that they would get better.

3. Garrett on the breakdown: “We stopped defending and really the whole team did it at 11…That kind of play (blur coverage) is unacceptable, no doubt…If anyone is going to point an accusing finger, I’ll point at myself. I know I could have done a better job.”

4. According to ESPN, the last time any NFL team blew a 13-point lead was in the last two minutes in 2001. You’ve got it, Browns…again. They lost to the bears. Cleveland leads 21-7 with 33 seconds left in that game. The Bears scored a pair of TDs in those 33 seconds, forcing them to work overtime. Chicago won in overtime when Browns QB Tim Coach threw an interception that was returned to TD.

Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Joe Woods with defensive line coach Chris Kevin late in the fourth quarter on the sidelines, September 18, 2022, at First Energy Stadium.John Koontz,

5. The boos did not mean the fans surrendered to the team, Garrett noted. They have just witnessed a football disaster, a display of mental errors in defense in terms of cover-up. Jarrett should have said the defense was awkward, because their performance at the end of the game was awkward.

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6. As for Garrett’s performance, he had one interference. It was a bag. He had a two-stroke QB. But overall, it wasn’t a huge factor – especially in the last two minutes when the planes were flying in the field – twice.

7. Gates coach Robert Saleh on Garrett: “I think we exhausted him. We were cutting the body out of him (with lumps) … It was hot in there. You can see it. The guy is an incredible talent … We were trying to annoy everyone who came out of him throughout the match.”

Not a good day for a brownie

A Cleveland Browns fan covers his face after a 31-30 loss to the New York Jets, September 18, 2022, at First Energy Stadium.John Koontz,

8. Coach Kevin Stefansky said this about the blown covers that led to a pair of TDs: “Obviously, the guys aren’t on the same page. What we were doing is very clear. We talked about it on the sidelines before everyone went out on the field. We talked to the entire defense about what They (the planes) were about to do – which he was throwing over our heads. We can’t let that happen.”

9. But Brown allowed it to happen when Corey Davis got a 66-yard pass from TD with a 1:22 left. Denzel Ward seemed to be in on the cover, then let Davis run free on the sidelines. I don’t know what the lockers were doing.

10. Jets QB Joe Flacco on that Davis TD: “We were running (receivers) on both sides (of the field). It looked like the safety went[to the other side]and the angle stayed low…nobody was anywhere near From him… It was a really strange feeling how calm there was.”

11. That’s a lot of terms used in football to say that Flacco saw exactly what the fans did. Ward was covering Davis as he ran straight down the sideline. Then Ward stopped covering Davis. Then no one picked up the headset, which was outrageously open.

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Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets, September 18, 2022

Cleveland Browns coach Kevin Stefanski calls for time against the New York Jets in the first half. Joshua Gunther,

12. More Stefanski: We have a young football team. Unfortunately, this young man occasionally appeared. We have to grow very fast.”

13. Note to Kevin: Sit down with Joe Woods and ask your defensive coordinator why the kids can’t keep the covers straight. There were four cover-ups in the first two games. Earlier in this competition, Breece Hall in New York spotted a wide-open pass from 10 yards. Brown’s midfielder, Jeremiah Oso Kuramuah, appears to have been confused about his pursuit of the receiver or the hall – and nobody capped.

14. Some He’ll blame Nick Chubb It does not stop at the goal line with 1:55 left in the game. The idea would be for the Browns to have the ball on the Jets 1 yard line. New York had no more time-outs. Brown could take his knees three times and is close to running out of the clock. But this is reactive play. Look, I’d rather be 13 points higher with less than two minutes remaining over seven points…even with the terrible timeout situation in New York. This is a nitpick on a guy whoored three TDs. This is a nitpick for a guy who scored three TD points. It’s a way to leave the defense and the coaches in limbo. I refuse to do that.

15. If only Brown’s defense was focused on keeping the Jets out of the end zone as Chubb was focused on running into the end zone in the final moments of the match… we’d have a much different discussion.

16. All this is denied a Great performance by Jacobi Brissett (22 of 27 passing, 229 yards) and Amary Cooper (9 catches, 101 yards and TD). Yes, Brissett threw an objection to Brown’s last play for the game, but the game was basically over. In his first two matches with Brissett, the offense scored 26 points and 30 points. They should be 2-0.

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17. That’s on Joe Woods and defense who has allowed 34 points in the fourth quarters this season. Blown coverages were an issue for the early part of 2021 before Woods streamlined his coverage, doing a more man-to-man concept. Do it again!

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